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The 2doc sharing economy portal for finding medical specialists near you has been making life easier for patients, doctors and medical institutions in Belarus for a whole year now. The solution has its own answer to the question ‘how to find the best doctor near you’, and both patients and doctors love it.  The service does not make the decision as to which family physician is being assigned to the patient. Instead, it leaves the process of decision-making to the user, making it easy and transparent. You choose the right specialist and schedule an appointment: everything is online and all in one place, and it’s free of charge.

During its existence, the project collected lots of interesting facts which describe the average user that is looking for medical help online. Let’s take a look at the people who use the new, modern way of searching for a physician.

Typical User’s Profile

The female gender is dominating and it’s not much of a surprise: women schedule appointments for their children and aged family members who haven’t mastered browsing the web or those who have a hard time looking after themselves in the everyday hassle of life.

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Speaking about user’s age: fortunately, more and more people in the 55+ segment are learning to take advantage of new possibilities of the web and 2doc’s medical services. This demographic is one of the most challenging in terms of outreach in BY domain.

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Which Days are Most Available to Schedule an Appointment?

The most popular days amongst our users are Monday and Thursday. The majority of people don’t plan their visits beforehand: most of the time the appointment is made three days ahead of time. But if you have to urgently see a doctor this week, look out for Friday or the weekend. Those are the most available days of the week in medical institutions.

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Medical institutions don’t really expect much from preliminary appointments. Judging by past experiences, the longer it is to the scheduled appointment, the less likelihood there is for the patient to actually show up. It’s absolutely normal in the rhythm of everyday life: plans change, unforeseen events arise, or the necessity of visiting the doctor changes. Sometimes the patient simply forgets the day of the planned appointment. So there can be many reasons. It’s recommended to schedule your appointment a little closer to the desired time, around 4 to 7 days beforehand.

The Most In-Demand Medical Specialists

The high demand in specialists can be caused by many reasons: some doctors cannot be found in certain districts, some of the practitioners are booked a month ahead of time, and this gets worse when summer vacation season begins.

Taking into account that most of 2doc users are women, it’s not that big of a surprise that the most in-demand specialization is gynecology. Looking out for our ladies’ beauty and their skin conditions, we have dermatologists and cosmetologists which are in the second and fifth place, respectively. On the third and fourth place, we have ultrasound specialists and neurologists exploring the inner world of our patients.

The 2doc portal also provides a special service: scheduling appointments with doctors with delicate specializations or those you would like to visit while keeping it in secret and not having to explicitly announce their field of practice while signing up. These are narcology experts, urologists, venereologists, proctologists – those who help solve intimate problems. In this regard, the 2doc portal does not have any alternatives: no phone calls, just online sign-up.

Why Smiling is So Important and the Effect of Feedback

An interesting fact that we found is that the availability of a photo in the doctor’s profile strongly increases the doctor’s popularity. Additionally, if the doctor is smiling in the photo, he or she is not likely to beat the clients with a stick. People come to see a physician not only for a consultation and examination itself, but also for the experience. It’s so much better if you come to a doctor who’s in a good mood and is smiling at you.

Experience is also first in line when it comes to choosing between the specialist’s qualification and feedback. 2doc users have more trust in a specialist with positive feedback from previous patients than a specialist with a huge list of qualifications, work experience and education.

Medical services are first and foremost services, so it’s the feedback that has more influence on people than an insensible list of education degrees or the names of courses taken.

What Else is 2doc Capable of?

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The 2doc portal is the only one of its kind in Belarus and it’s something the BY domain has been long waiting for. It turns out that people don’t really care about the medical institution where they will acquire the services they are looking for. They just need some medical help. The portal lets the person decide who he’s going to trust with his issues.

2doc service allows you to:

  • Get acquainted with the physician beforehand, read about his accomplishments and experience: all information that you need is listed on the doctor’s profile.
  • Find medical experts of any kind: the portal’s specialization catalog allows you to search for such narrow specialists as dermatologists, ENT specialists, kinesiologists, trichologists, etc.
  • Look through feedback from other patients, leave your own comments on the medical services you received and your impression of the doctor you have visited.
  • Schedule an appointment online for a day and time that suits you, having the physician's whole schedule right before your eyes. All this without having to make unnecessary calls and explaining intimate issues. You choose the service you would like to acquire and can provide additional information in the comment section of the signup form. 
  • If you require some sort of consultation, the 2doc specialists are there for you. Just dial the number or chat with them online.
  • Ask the doctor a question online or browse through the variety of questions already asked.

The Future of 2doc Project

2doc developers are working hard to incorporate machine learning algorithms in order to improve schedule management for medical institutions. Business hours are not always organized in the most optimal way possible. This results in costly downtimes and substantial loss of revenue.

The team is working on integrating blockchain and neural network technologies into the 2doc service. Artificial neural networks are used to accumulate patient’s medical data, including test results, symptoms and history, then evaluate it and make a preliminary diagnosis which serves as a recommendation to the doctor.

Developers are working on creating a decentralized secure medical database of patients and a diagnosis system designed to aid doctors. The founders of 2doc are very positive that these advancements will drive the industry forward and also lead the project to new markets.

A stand-alone mobile app is not available yet, but is in the works. 2doc founders are thinking of ways to keep the future app relevant. Users are not likely to store the app on the home screen of their device if they’re not regular patients, so after a while it will probably be deleted. This is a problem that has to be solved.

More Information on the Project

You can learn more about how this project was created on its case study page, Doctor Finder Website and App Development. It has information about project stages, technologies used, screenshots, as well as the link to the portal itself.

2doc Developers

The 2doc service was designed and developed by LOVATA, the top Software Development Company in Belarus. LOVATA has been involved in this project from its birth as just a business idea, and went through all project stages, starting from business analysis and design & development to product launch and support.

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