Corporate Style, Logo and Web Design for Development Bank

Customer: Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus

Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus controls the system of financing state programs and investment projects of social importance.

LOVATA Company has designed a unique corporate style with a logo, and developed a corporate website for the customer.

Corporate Style Design

While creating the bank’s corporate style, we set up a goal to create a modern, memorable logo and corporate identity elements that would form the bank’s image both in the Republic of Belarus and internationally. The goal was to create something modern, yet simple, that would be correctly perceived by international and local audience.

Logo Design

The Bank’s logo is comprised of a graphic symbol and corporate writing style. Trademark in the form of the letter "D" lays emphasis on the word "Development" in the name of the organization. The growth chart as a structural element completes the outline of the symbol, summarizing the direction of the organization’s activities.

Website Design and Development

The Bank’s website meets all recent web development trends. Courage, brilliance, individualism and modernity, the main project requirements, were fully implemented.
As a result, we created one of the most striking information projects present today both on the local state sector and country’s banking industry.

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