How do we do it?

Business Analysis

During business analysis stage, we identify the requirements and concerns of a client’s company and its market. Then, we design a solution that allows the client to reach its goals.

This is the first and most crucial stage of the development process that is required in order to build a successful product. We help our clients to align business strategy with technical requirements in order to determine the scope of work before the actual development begins.

Analysis Results

The result of our business analysis is a conceptualized and documented representation of the planned solution with a clear description of how your business goals will be achieved and which tools and methods will be used.


Design at LOVATA is a powerful tool for creating visual solutions that meet business objectives of our clients.

Our approach is based on modern trends of information delivery and user experience.


When working on an existing project, we make a complete analysis beforehand. This allows us to create a solution that will eliminate all errors and issues of the current version, which will increase conversion rate as a result.


Modern Technology

Our team is highly experienced in solving a wide array of various tasks, using the best possible tools we could get our hands on. We have well-versed software engineers, apt at many JavaScript frameworks, including the most popular NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular and VueJS. We also specialize in PHP development and Laravel. We use React/Angular/Vue on the front-end and Laravel/NodeJS/ExpressJS on the back-end.

We also use such tools as Beanstalk and Redis, and develop our own solutions & plug-ins for OctoberCMS platform to solve common challenges that our clients are facing more quickly and efficiently.

Full Stack Web Development

LOVATA is one of the Top Web Developers in the world and the Top Web Developer in Eastern Europe. As such, we specialize in custom web and web application development, creating great UI/UX and delivering what the client needs in the process. Our full-stack developers utilize the whole range of front-end and back-end frameworks & libraries (we work with both MEAN, LAMP and their variations), empowering your solutions with modern and reliable database, server and cloud computing technology.

  • MySQL
  • NoSQL
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Salesforce
  • Apache
  • nginx
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • IBM Bluemix

What We are Capable Of

Whether you need an eCommerce project or a high-performance web application, GDPR or WCAG compliance, API, CRM or ERP development, we have the right tools, team and spirit to get things done on time and within budget.


The defining measure of business success is the quick reaction to constantly changing conditions of highly competitive business environment and timely discovery of new opportunities.

High speed Just in time

SCRUM & Continuous Delivery

We provide high development speed and timely delivery thanks to our powerful production infrastructure and by applying flexible software development methodologies based on iterative development (SCRUM) and continuous delivery.

We successfully delivered solutions to over 100 companies worldwide

from London, UK to NYC, New York, USA and Vancouver, Canada
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