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To successfully implement your project, LOVATA recommends October CMS based on Laravel PHP platform, which is the latest generation open-source content management system.

LOVATA has worked with the majority of well-known CMS systems. During the last few years, however, we have been recommending OctoberCMS as the optimal CMS choice for most of our customers, especially for those who value performance, usability, efficiency and security.

Why OctoberCMS?

Nowadays, there are many content management systems to choose from. Some have existed for years and are very common, while others are quickly gaining popularity, thanks to their active developers community and the users that are switching from other popular CMS systems.

All CMS systems have a number of advantages and disadvantages, and the final choice often depends on each project’s requirements and varying customer’s preferences. Since LOVATA’s main goal is to increase each of its customer’s profits, we love to offer the most appropriate and advanced technology choices to all of our customers so that they stay ahead of their competition.

So what are the advantages of OctoberCMS?

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    1. Cutting-edge technology

    OctoberCMS is, perhaps, the most technologically advanced CMS platform to date. It has a modern modular core architecture that is based on Laravel Framework, uses the latest PHP capabilities and has the ability to apply the most up-to-date programming patterns. All of these advantages allow developers to significantly reduce the efforts required to build even the most technologically complex projects, as well as their continued support and further development.

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    2. Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

    Even though OctoberCMS has impressive technical capabilities, it is unexpectedly user-friendly and intuitive. It is very easy to quickly master the admin panel thanks to minimalistic visual and functional components of its interface.

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    3. Large developers community

    The overall interest of international developers community towards each open-source software is one of the best measures of its reliability. To date, both OctoberCMS and the Laravel Framework that the CMS is based on are the most popular projects on GitHub.com in their respective categories.

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    4. High performance

    Unlike some of its competitors, OctoberCMS is naturally fast and does not require plugins to have its performance improved. The CMS also has some cool default performance features, such as minification of JavaScript and CSS files and it is quite easy to reach the highest page speed scores.

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    5. High security by default

    Unlike most other content management systems, OctoberCMS has only one file that can be directly accessed: index.php. Additionally, all of the plugins go through vigorous validation process, meaning that anything that is added to your project is trustworthy and will not open a back door to your website. This is especially important to customers who value their company’s reputation and their client’s privacy.

What they write about October:


LOVATA has successfully delivered solutions to over 100 companies worldwide. We worked with such brands as Samsung, Philips, Danone, Mail.Ru Group, Yandex, VTB Bank, Hewlett-Packard, Nestle and many others.

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