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November 2, 2017
2doc project is a medical startup aimed at building an environment that unites all parties in the healthcare market: patients, doctors, family physicians, medical institutions, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, manufacturers of medical equipment and medical tourism companies.

The project has two priorities:

For patients: to optimize the process of obtaining high-quality medical services

For medical institutions: to create simple and easy-to-use set of tools to attract additional patients and automate the registration process

Client's CRM
System Service
Online service that allows patients to choose appropriate medical specialists or health services and instantly make appointments for specific date and time.
Mobile App
Aside from scheduling an appointment, the app sends out push notifications with medical recommendations and helpful reminders (recommending regular cardiologist visits to males over 50, for example)
Telegram Bot
Assists in choosing the right doctor or medical service by asking patients questions such as “What are your symptoms?”, etc.
Partnership Program
A tool that allows partners to draw their target audience to see specialists listed on the site and make a profit out of this.
SMS Mailouts
Email Mailouts
Medical CRM system, integrated into the service, that automates medical center’s main business processes.
A tool for insurance companies that allows their clients to apply for insurance policies directly through online service, therefore eliminating expenses on support and documentation.
The project was launched through several stages:
1 stage
  • Launch of 2doc’s MVP
  • Launch of the CRM system’s MVP: a customer relationship management system that automates major business processes of a medical institution: managing client reception and flow, doctors’ work process, working with the client base (marketing and medical units), analytics.
2 stage
  • Modernizing and adding new features to 2doc service and medical CRM system.
  • Creating an API that automates the process of client registration and support in medical institutions for insurance companies
  • Creating additional services for B2B clients: online registration through the website, client notifications, etc.
3 stage in development
  • Integration with pharmaceutical companies
  • Creating chatbots that will simplify the registration process to medical centers.
2doc logo
The service allows a person to choose a medical expert by specialization, type of service, cost, expert’s qualification and seniority, feedback from previous patients or desired treatment location. The service also provides an opportunity to schedule an appointment for a certain day and time, and be confident to receive high-quality treatment or consultation at the chosen time.
desktop device icon mobile device icon desktop home page mobile home page
Home Page
Users can search for a doctor by typing within a search box the required service, specialization, or certain family physician’s name, if known. Required specialization can also be chosen out of the list provided on the home page.
2doc list of specializations desktop 2doc list of specializations desktop
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List of Doctors
2doc list of specializations desktop 2doc list of specializations desktop

List of specializations

Once a specialization or service is chosen, a user is provided with a list of appropriate doctors or family physicians. It’s also possible to apply filters, sort the list, see each specialist’s location on a map, or compare the doctors by their hourly rate and availability.
Time slots always remain relevant due to the integration with the CRM system. Only currently available appointment times are displayed. As soon as a new appointment is scheduled, that time slot is no longer visible.
If you can’t find yourself the right expert or, perhaps, just need a consultation, there is an opportunity to leave your contact details so that a representative can contact you later on.
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2doc doctor's page desktop 2doc doctor's page mobile
Doctor's page
Users can get information about a specific medical expert, such as: description, seniority, experience and publications, if available. It is possible to look through reviews left by doctor’s previous patients to see how they rate their experience and weather they recommend that specialist or not.
2doc select time

Sign up for exact time

After choosing the desired time, a user is instantly redirected to the sign-up form. All that needs to be done is to leave the contact details and click the sign-up button. A notification about this new client is then instantly transferred to the CRM system, and one of the medical center’s officials contacts the person to confirm the appointment.
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Doctor response page Doctor response page
Doctor response page
A new feature was recently added: a possibility to ask questions and have them answered by a physician. There is a possibility to look through the list of previously asked questions, with a possibility to choose a category that represents a specific field of practice. Each user’s question is moderated and is then listed on the service. An automatic notification is sent out when the question is answered by a specialist.
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