Corporate website for HostForWeb company


HostForWeb provides a variety of hosting services ranging from simple shared-hosting to cloud and dedicated hosting.

LOVATA designed and developed a custom website with a new corporate identity that provides users a possibility to choose any level of service out of a wide range of possible options presented on the website and to make payment via a variety of payment options. The integration with WHMCS billing system was also carried out.

иконка настольной версии иконка планшетной версии иконка мобильной версии
настольная версия страницы услуг планшетная версия страницы услуг мобильная версия страницы услуг Services page

Each service has its own set of parameters that could differ dramatically from one another. Therefore, several templates for their display have been developed:

шаблоны разработанных страниц

The company has a lucrative partner program.

страница для партнеров For those who would like to become a partner
иконки преимуществ Each advantage has its own icon

HostForWeb company provides a possibility of complete service customization before making a purchase. For customer’s convenience, a template was created with all possible service customization options. Further order pages were created based on this template:

страница настройки услуги


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