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Lovata is the leading Laravel development company in the USA to help you boost your business with the top digital solutions.

Laravel development services allow businesses of any scale and sphere to grow faster and more efficiently. If you are looking for ways to boost your online presence, Laravel may be your ultimate solution. This open-source PHP framework took the programming world by storm some time ago and maintains its leading position. With Laravel, the sky is your limit, as you will be able to develop custom web applications as per your needs.

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Lovata is one of the leading Laravel development companies in the USA, with a team of veteran Laravel developers that can boost the performance of your website or help you start a Laravel web application development. Our 15-year expertise puts us in the top range of Laravel development companies as we meticulously assist our clients in developing unparalleled digital solutions in the most cost-effective way.

Laravel development services that we provide

We offer a big range of custom software development services for the most complex web development projects, tailored to the needs of small and large businesses.

Laravel Custom Website Development

Our Laravel developers have extensive knowledge of Laravel web development as per the needs of clients from different business areas. We take into account everything that matters to you to help boost productivity and enhance the innovation of your business.

Laravel Web Application Development

Laravel framework not only helps to reduce the time for app development but also enhances the performance of web applications. As a result, your customers will be more satisfied with user-friendly web applications and retention will increase.

Laravel E-Commerce Solutions

With extraordinary Laravel development services, you have all the essential features to connect sellers with customers. The development solutions offered by this open-source framework help to build a flawless and convenient user experience that will increase your profit.

Laravel API Development

We implement rapid API generator tools that build quick communication between websites and mobile apps.

Laravel Template Design And Development

At Lovata, we have the expertise to build and develop template designs that are business-oriented and customized according to your business needs.

Third-Party Integration

The PHP framework allows developers to integrate payment solutions, maps, customer support APIs, and other third-party services.


Even if your website was not originally built on the PHP framework, we will transfer all data onto the new website. Laravel development services boast cutting-edge migration technologies that make this framework a popular pick when updating an existing website to enhance functionalities and services.

Complex Business Application Development

For over a decade we have helped our clients with software like SaaS, PWA, and others. It does not matter if this is a small application or a complicated one, our Laravel developers will always cater the best solution to our customers in no time.


Our experienced team will help you explore the opportunities of Laravel extension development that will add efficient solutions to your business and will help you achieve better results and a higher retention rate.

Our work speaks better for itself:

As the leading Laravel development agency, we have been assisting our clients all over the world for 15 years now, bringing our expertise to tend to the needs of companies of different scales from various areas of business.

  • Website Custom Laravel Development

    We helped to build a single-page website for one of the most popular car insurance policy aggregators in Kazakhstan. As a result, we have created a full-fledged solution with all the necessary features that would bring together every player, from the car insurance companies to the mechanisms enabling customers to order the most appropriate insurance policy for the vehicle. A fast, flawless website and thoughtful, convenient UX led to a significant performance improvement after the website was launched.

  • CRM System Development

    The client, a business application that manages booking, payment procurement and other business management for beauty parlors, barber shops and hair salons, was looking for a more efficient booking solution that would facilitate the experience for the consumers. Our Laravel programmers developed an intricate yet elegant calendar with a possibility to incorporate timeslots. When realized, the customers could make appointments from the Google search results, which improved users’ experience with the application and therefore drove the amount of transactions. The feature was due to the API integration. It also became one of the first projects of this API integration ever developed in the world.

Why should I choose Laravel development for my business needs?

Here is a quick list of compelling reasons why Laravel is the best solution for business:

  • It is easy - if you are looking for building world-class digital products and services, you need to reduce the complexity of building and managing a site. Websites that were developed using the Laravel PHP framework are much easier to maintain given the comprehensible architecture of this framework and the impressive community.

  • Laravel development services enhance the performance of websites and applications and will not compromise either the UX features of the interface or the security of the software.

  • Laravel web development services provide various opportunities to add novel features to any app. It is hard to catch up with the fast pace of the IT-development, and one sometimes risks entering the market with a slightly outdated digital solution. With Laravel, however, this will not be the problem with a continuous flow of updates and new features.

  • Laravel framework gives scaling opportunities and makes a website or web application testing very simple. It saves time to market significantly, too. The framework includes testing tools so that developers can run unit and integration testing early and fix whatever needs to be fixed immediately. In the end - when your product is launched, you are confident that everything functions as intended.

  • Laravel has a large PHP community of Laravel developers who contribute new packages on a regular basis. It means that other experts may speed up web development processes and don’t risk falling behind on the clients’ deadlines and letting businesses down. The community significantly helps to improve the efficiency of the website development.

Our Portfolio

Here’s a list of projects where we chose to use Laravel as our developing tool:

Find a doctor


Find a Doctor Web Portal

The 2doc service is a helpful online tool for finding physicians and scheduling appointments. It’s a large library of specialists from different medical institutions all gathered in one place. It allows people to choose practitioners by specialization, qualifications and price and sign up for an appointment for a certain time.



Aduna Insights analyzes data of educational institutions to optimize their performance, i.e. to lower cost per student enrolled and accelerate growth. The insights help to improve operational results and market the services of the education provider more efficiently.

Car Insurance Aggregator: Web App, Mobile Apps and CRM preview


Car Insurance Aggregator: Web App, Mobile Apps and CRM

GoZebra is the most popular car insurance policy aggregator on the territory of Kazakhstan. The solution provides a variety of services: from comparing car insurance companies, coverage and rates to ordering the most appropriate auto insurance policy.

Why hire Laravel experts from Lovata:

If you are looking for an expert in e-commerce development or a reliable partner in mobile development, you may as well stop searching, because you have found the right company. At Lovata, we are proud to be providing top-notch services to our clients across the globe.

Here are some cases when we can help:

If you have a business but need an application or a website

Hire our Laravel developers to build an intuitive, elegant, and user-friendly interface and a fast-working application to enhance users’ satisfaction level and retention rate.

If you already have a website but need to update it for better efficiency

Our Laravel developers can review your website or application and re-engineer it to provide your business with a better software solution that would solve performance issues and improve efficiency.

If you have a website built on a different platform but want to switch to Laravel

One of Laravel advantages is its easy migration features, which will allow transferring data in a secure and fast way.

Support and Maintenance

Our team of Laravel experts will not only help you skyrocket your online business but will not quit on you when you need any assistance. We will provide support and reply to your inquiries after we complete our work to make sure you have all your questions answered.


  • What are Laravel development services?

    Laravel development services are enabled by an open-source PHP framework used by web developers. At Lovata, we work closely with our clients to develop intuitive, custom-designed web applications that improve user experience and raise efficiency.

  • Is Laravel still in demand?

    Laravel is an innovative framework that is rated among one of the best choices for complete-scale web development. It is also one of the most popular solutions in the world, with one of the largest communities of developers. Laravel has built a reputation as a top-notch web application framework so far and is expected to grow rapidly.

  • Is Laravel used in 2023?

    Laravel 10 is expected to be launched in February 2023 with a series of updates and bug fixes scheduled for release in the second half of the year. If you are not sure whether Laravel development services can support your business needs, contact us, and we will see how Laravel can serve your targets.

  • What does a Laravel developer do?

    Developers using Laravel web framework can create and build web applications, websites, and tools. Laravel uses PHP and MVC architecture as well as OOP for creating websites, single page applications, progressive web applications and more.

  • What is Laravel and why is it used?

    Laravel is an open-source framework that reduces complexity for developers by simplifying common tasks while providing top-notch software solutions. Laravel makes coding easier and faster by providing more functionality for developers without sacrificing the user-friendliness or efficiency of an application or a website.

  • Is Laravel a front or a backend?

    Laravel offers all the tools needed to build modern web-based applications, including routing, validating, caching, queueing files, and so on. It builds a web application by reusing the existing components of different frameworks. As a result, the solution designed is more organized and more practical.

If you have made up your mind and and wish to use Laravel for your next project, please do contact us and we will be glad to help.

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