Healthcare CRM System for Hospitals and Medical Centers: MedCRM


LOVATA has developed a Healthcare CRM System for organizing the work of hospitals and medical centers. The application offers automation of internal business processes and medical activities, provides all common CRM system’s functionality, with the main purpose of providing an easy-to use tool for maintaining loyal customer base.

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The CRM system is customizable and scalable. It can be used by businesses of any size, starting from small private clinics to large hospital networks.

Pleasant-looking and user-friendly interface was created with a deep understanding of all healthcare processes and industry specifics. There are two product’s versions: SaaS and standalone solution.

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Our CRM system allows businesses of all sizes to:

  • 1. Attract, service and retain customers;
  • 2. Register, organize and manage the customer flow;
  • 3. Automate facility’s workflow;
  • 4. Oversee and manage employee workload;
  • 5. Control medical rooms availability and equipment utilization;
  • 6. Enjoy financial transparency and improve work efficiency.
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