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LOVATA as a leading web & software company takes pride in its NodeJS development services. Having built numerous products working with this technology, we have rightfully become an expert in the field. Our coding professionals have learned the pros and cons of this cross-platform environment and have a bird’s eye view when it comes to incorporating it in our solutions. If you were looking for artisans when it comes to NodeJS development, you’ve landed on just the right page.

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Why We Choose NodeJS

  • NodeJS is a powerful, open-source cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment
  • NodeJS provides its own web server so we don’t need to use additional server software
  • NPM package library with over 470,000 open-source packages allows us to boost our development processes by integrating third-party components
  • NodeJS-based apps provide better performance, since NodeJS has asynchronous I/O
  • NodeJS is ideal for data-heavy websites and apps and when you need to manage heavy traffic from users
  • NodeJS goes hand-in-hand with the latest progressive JavaScript networks like Angular and ReactJS and is one of the core technologies of the MEAN stack, which we also love working with
  • Many leading vendors across various industries have adopted this technology and seen the great benefits it provides, including Walmart, Netflix, Mail Online, LinkedIn, Intel, Microsoft, IBM among many others.

Our NodeJS Development Team

LOVATA’s team consists of back-end engineers and full-stack developers with immense experience and expertise in various back-end technologies, including NodeJS and other JavaScript-based frameworks and libraries:

Our full-stack developers have broad experience working with modern development stacks, including MEAN, LAMP and Meteor. They are experts in both back-end and front-end design and development, so they bring a great amount of vision into our projects and steer them in the right direction in terms of choosing the right tools for the right tasks.

Besides noted technologies our well-versed team has experience working with:

Back End (Server Side) technology and tools:

Database technology and tools:

  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • NoSQL
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL

Peripheral technology:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Ajax

Cloud-based technology:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon AWS
  • Salesforce
  • IBM Bluemix

Our NodeJS Development Services

  • Website and portal design & development
  • Web and cross-platform application development
  • Custom heavy-traffic websites & apps
  • Omnichannel eCommerce solutions
  • Custom IoT solutions
  • Custom CMS development
  • Custom CRM development
  • Cloud Computing & SaaS solutions
  • Superior quality assurance, maintenance & support

Our Agile Approach

Our approach to design and development is to deliver the project with minimal time to market and within your budget. We do all this while providing you with superior quality and functionality that was set in stone by the SLA document that we sign upon discussing the project and analyzing its business infrastructure.

Agile techniques and methodologies give us the flexibility and performance to design and develop projects at rapid pace, solving issues that arise and making changes to the project on the go, engaging the client in pivotal moments of development and the decision-making process.

Usually our NodeJS development process involves the following steps:

development process scheme

  • Client meeting, ideation
  • Thorough business analysis & research
  • Conceptualization
  • Design & development
  • Quality assurance
  • Revision and retrospective
  • Deployment & product launch
  • Partnership & support

Why Us?

What are the reasons to choose LOVATA as your trusted NodeJS developer? Here’s to name a few:

  • Highly experienced NodeJS developers with extensive back-end knowledge and coding background
  • Custom website, web portal, mobile and cross-platform application development tailored to your business and industry specifics
  • Quality assurance, accessibility and security of your project is our main priority
  • Our partnership approach to clients provides you with lifetime maintenance and support, just come to us whenever you encounter a problem.

Have a project in mind for us? Send your request and we will shortly contact you to discuss the details.

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