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Having a great web-based solution or application just doesn’t solve it all now in the modern world of business and tech. In order to deliver satisfying performance your omnichannel solutions must be backed up by powerful API to interconnect with each other and with third-party services..

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Whether you need to process payments, show your business’s locations on a map, integrate with email services, manage customer data using your CRM, or interact with any of the countless other applications on the web, LOVATA has the experience and expertise to build an API solution that will tailor to all your specific needs and requirements.

Custom API Development Services

We specialize in the following custom API development services:

  • Custom API development: interconnecting multiple interfaces (both web and mobile), systems and databases of your omnichannel solution.
  • API Customization: updating existing APIs to ensure performance and optimal level of access to different layers of data.
  • API Integration: connecting your services with third-party software, databases and applications

Our Custom API Development Experience & Expertise

LOVATA Company has immense expertise in developing APIs to establish a standard point of data access for omnichannel products and solutions that have multiple mobile app and web interfaces. We are also experts in building powerful API solutions to share data between complex software systems. Our APIs are custom-tailored to your system. The data may be accessed by all parties involved in the API infrastructure or the access may be limited, where certain restrictions and policies are applied and access keys are assigned to each party.

Our vast API development experience includes working on a complex and feature-rich healthcare solution. We implemented an API interface that interconnected all of the solution’s web and mobile interfaces, the CRM (which was also custom designed by LOVATA) and the service’s partnership programs with medical institutions and insurance companies. Check out the full case description here.

API Integration Services

We offer integration with third-party APIs and services:

  • Google Maps (and other geo-location services)
  • Payment processing systems
  • Email clients
  • Social networking websites
  • Sales platforms (like Amazon & Ebay)
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) software
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Marketing platforms (HubSpot)
  • Product databases
  • Cloud computing services
  • Ticketing systems
  • etc.

Tools And Technologies

We leverage the latest and most advanced technology available for custom API development and integration:

Advantages Of Custom API Development

Your website can become much more powerful if you enable it to communicate with other websites and services. Since the rise of the cloud era embedding custom APIs has become vital for both B2B and B2C organizations. It allows them to gravitate more clients towards their services and considerably increase revenues.

Here are some pivotal benefits that custom APIs procure:

  • Building a loyal client base and increasing conversion rates. Providing users with integrated third-party services and granting them access to information from external assets allows you to avoid situations where you lose your client when he has to turn to google or other web sources for supplemental information and guidance (e.g. google maps, currency exchange rates, weather portals, etc.).
  • Automated data transfer and business processes. Custom APIs allow you to automate workflows which would otherwise require manual intervention. Multiple pages of a website can be updated simultaneously, saving the costs and time of updating the system on a regular basis. A custom API can also revamp traditional business processes to save time and increase productivity.
  • Incorporate partnership programs to benefit your business. Like-minded organizations with a philosophy that coincides with that of your team can repurpose your products and create new offerings and applications to the services your company provides. This often leads to innovation when people with bright ideas build new apps that further boost your revenues.
  • Increased efficiency for omnichannel solutions. Custom APIs enable content to be developed once and spread across multiple platforms and interfaces without the need to build individual products for each platform leading to excessive expenses.
  • Harnessing the power of the cloud. Our Custom API integration services allow us to connect your solutions with the most prominent remote storage providers: Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Google and others. If your business relies on file storage and managing documents or providing users with such services, a custom cloud API is required. Moving to cloud computing potentially paves the way to such trending innovative technologies as AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

LOVATA As Your Expert API Developer

API technology can sometimes prove to be a difficult notion to grasp. Only an expert with a degree in software engineering technology and broad experience in software and web development that spent his whole career studying the independent systems and platforms, and the intricate ways of interconnecting them can navigate the way through API development and integration. At LOVATA we have just the right team of specialists that know what it takes to build a custom API that works for the greater good of your services rather than have it clutter up the various channels of your solution.

Still have unresolved issues and unanswered questions? Feel free to inquire about what a custom API can do for your business or send us a request if you already have a project in mind.

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