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LOVATA is a healthcare software company that develops innovative medical apps, enabling healthcare organizations, hospitals, medical service providers and patient care portals to meet regulatory requirements, automate and upgrade processes, improve patient experience and take quality of service to the next level.

Being a medical software development company with deep expertise and understanding of the healthcare industry, we will help you address the challenges you face by providing customized solutions that drive efficiency and help achieve business goals.

Patient Privacy and Security of Medical Information

When developing mobile medical apps and other healthcare software solutions, we take all necessary steps to reduce information security risks, as well as assist you in keeping all sensitive eHealth information safe and secure. You will be able to maintain secure and flexible access to your data with the highest level of health information privacy.

Our expertise extends to:

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    1. Healthcare CRM Systems

    LOVATA helps to streamline processes and manage information, as well as facilitates big data analytics in medical centers and other healthcare organizations. Our healthcare CRM solutions improve medical organizations’ efficiency and effectiveness by enabling process automation, providing full transparency and convenient tools for healthcare database management.

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    2. IoT Healthcare Solutions

    All kinds of medical organizations and healthcare providers turn to us for custom development of IoT healthcare solutions that take care of such operations as remote medical equipment monitoring, patient data management and tracking loved ones’ medication intake by caregivers and relatives.

    We develop healthcare apps for IoT medical devices that:

    • Monitor patients’ health parameters remotely, provide timely information on their condition and alert medical personnel in case of any non-standard situations. That real-time accurate information allows doctors to provide evidence-based treatment.
    • Ensure patients take the appropriate medication on time and in the right dosage.
    • Monitor the location of medical equipment, so that medical staff are able to track where assets are at any time, and easily reach them.
    • Check the condition of appliances and ensure they function smoothly and without errors.
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    3. Cloud ERP Solutions

    Misinformation or misrepresentation, when it comes to the healthcare industry, can cost lives. We develop cloud ERP solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) for healthcare organizations that provide real-time data and help to make right decisions whether it concerns treating patients or effective utilization of assets. In addition, a cloud ERP software will enable better planning, costs reduction and possibility to focus on the big picture – patient care.

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    4. Integration with EHR Software

    Electronic health record (EHR) software, or electronic medical record (EMR) system, is an indispensable tool for healthcare organizations, allowing to minimize mistakes, improve efficiency and focus on improving quality. However, the usability of EMR software often leaves much to be desired. LOVATA solves this problem with ease. We integrate medical devices with EHR solutions enabling data exchange between them. This allows to represent data in a convenient way, automate processes, record information with a few clicks and receive timely notifications.

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    5. Medical Website Development and Design

    LOVATA develops both mobile responsive patient portals and user-friendly corporate websites for healthcare organizations.

    We create medical websites that enable patients to quickly and securely access personal health information online, without having to go to a hospital for it. Our experience of medical website design and development provides clients of healthcare organizations with tools to keep track of their health, receive e-consultations, lab results, prescriptions, opportunity to schedule an appointment and, after all, the feeling of reliability. High-quality medical website with an intuitive user interface will allow you to boost patients’ engagement, interact efficiently with them and thus, increase customer trust. LOVATA is always there for you: just go ahead and contact us.

Other Types of Healthcare Mobile Apps

Keeping pace with the time and requirements of modern healthcare, LOVATA also develops the following types of solutions:

  • mHealth apps;

  • Healthcare portals design & development;

  • ERP healthcare software;

  • Telemedicine software;

  • Medicine list apps;

  • Prescription apps;

  • Medication apps;

  • Medical records apps;

  • Find a doctor apps;

  • Pharmacy apps;

  • Health insurance applications;

  • Medicine tracker and other health apps;

  • Medical apps for doctors;

  • Medical apps for patients;

  • Other custom medical applications and healthcare software.

Compliance with Government Regulations

Speaking about privacy, we will deliver HIPAA compliant software tailored to your needs. You will be able to gain patients’ trust and avoid unwanted consequences of violating the law, including serious penalties, through compliance with electronic protected health information (ePHI) regulations and mandatory practices.


LOVATA has successfully delivered solutions to over 100 companies worldwide. We worked with such brands as Samsung, Philips, Danone, Mail.Ru Group, Yandex, VTB Bank, Hewlett-Packard, Nestle and many others.

  • We use the most advanced technologies and programming techniques
  • 360 day warranty period on all products that we develop
  • Lots of happy clients and references from US and Canada
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    happy customers
  • More than

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