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The PHP programming language has become the prefered one for server-side website development and since its inception many frameworks have been built on top of its code. The Laravel PHP framework is one such framework and it has been gaining popularity lately due to many advantages over its competitors in swift development with lots of scaffolding abilities and simplifying common coding processes.

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LOVATA Company has a fair amount of experience developing projects with this technology and is eager to share it with you while working on bringing your ideas and solutions to life.

Why We Choose Laravel For Our Projects

We as developers dedicated to solving problems using the latest advancements in coding practices and technologies consider Laravel the best choice for the following reasons:

  • Laravel's Expressive syntax and the Blade templating engine allows our developers to compose comprehensive code and build robust websites and apps that are reliable and secure with minimum amount of bugs, therefore saving time on quality assurance and testing and thus minimizing the client’s expenses;
  • Large libraries of Laravel packages provide us with prebuilt tools to include basic features and allow us to focus more on the specific needs of our client and build great solutions that implement business goals to the highest extent;
  • Out-of-the-box features for solving common tasks, like authentication, routing, sessions, and caching further accelerate the process of development;
  • The Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural model of the Laravel PHP framework separates the logic part from representation therefore it makes future development and modifications to your solution much easier;
  • The framework has perfect tools for joint working over databases (migrations and schema builder) which suits our team perfectly;
  • Laravel fits perfectly to our agile development processes as it is built for rapid software development;
  • Laravel simplifies many development tasks. It is marketed as a framework for web artisans and we consider ourselves such :)

Our Portfolio

Here’s a list of projects where we chose to use Laravel as our developing tool:

Find a doctor


Find a Doctor Web Portal

The 2doc service is a helpful online tool for finding physicians and scheduling appointments. It’s a large library of specialists from different medical institutions all gathered in one place. It allows people to choose practitioners by specialization, qualifications and price and sign up for an appointment for a certain time.

Healthcare CRM System for Hospitals and Medical Centers preview


Healthcare CRM System for Hospitals and Medical Centers

CRM System for organizing the work of hospitals and medical centers. The application offers automation of internal business processes and medical activities, provides all common CRM system’s functionality, with the main purpose of providing an easy-to use tool for maintaining loyal customer base.

Car Insurance Aggregator: Web App, Mobile Apps and CRM preview

Car Insurance Aggregator: Web App, Mobile Apps and CRM

GoZebra is the most popular car insurance policy aggregator on the territory of Kazakhstan. The solution provides a variety of services: from comparing car insurance companies, coverage and rates to ordering the most appropriate auto insurance policy.

What You Will Gain By Choosing Us As Your Laravel Developer

LOVATA is a strong team of professionals with the following qualities:

  • Deep knowledge and experience working with different PHP frameworks and contiguous technologies, including but not limited to Laravel, which gives us the full perspective;
  • We follow the best practices, conventional coding guidelines and standards;
  • Our experience spans over 10 years in software development and design with more than 100 satisfied clients across the globe;
  • We aspire to build robust, highly secure, maintainable websitesand apps with user-friendly interfaces that follow latest accessibility standards;
  • Our developers are tech savvy and follow the latest development trends, while our designers are artists that are always in a creative state of mind, breaking the barriers in UI and UX with their imagination;
  • We offer competitive prices and at the same time deliver products that will impress you with their quality;
  • The services we provide go beyond design and development as they also include extensive consulting and full product support & development after the product is launched until our help is no longer needed;
  • Our in-house team is always there to support our client, feel free to contact us whenever you require our help.

If you have made up your mind and and wish to use Laravel for your next project, please do contact us and we will be glad to help.

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