Custom Design for Web Services

Customer: Group

Our Client Group is the leading web services provider on the Russian-speaking market. It offers such services as email, social media, instant messaging, online games, job searching, eCommerce and cloud solutions. In 2017 Group was listed in the top 100 of Forbes “Most Innovative Growth Companies” list.

Longtime Partnership Project provides a long list of business and cloud solutions for companies of various scale - from small-size startups to large enterprises. These solutions include cloud storage, virtual servers, analytics, and much more. LOVATA company has been working with for almost a decade now, providing prolific design services to create’s unique brand identity. Meticulously working on every page layout, every detail, we created the best image possible for the company’s business solutions.

Below are the latest major projects from our partnership portfolio. Cloud Solutions - Hotbox

Cloud solution for “hot” (regularly used) data that provides storage for a large amount of files for media service providers, online mass-media, websites with user-generated content and mobile applications.

hotbox design screenshot Cloud Solutions - Icebox

Cloud solution for storing rarely used data, e.g. backups, system logs, media content, scientific data, statistics and archives.

icebox design screenshot Cloud Solutions - Teambox

Cloud storage solution that allows companies to share files, media, reports, presentations, and archives within their work team.

teambox design screenshot Cloud Solutions - Infra

Scalable and secure cloud computing services provided through one simple web interface.

infra design screenshot Cloud Solutions - GPU

NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPU powered cloud computing solution using high-performance graphic processing units to provide deep learning capabilities.

gpu design screenshot
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